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3 Car Cleaning Myths Debunked

In this article we will discuss top 3 cleaning myths, and why they cannot be applied to real - life car cleaning.We hope this article will help you learn more about various ways of cleaning your car so that you could select the most appropriate one.The first myth is closely connected with dishwashing...Read more

How Often Do You Need a Car Wash?

The goal of washing your car is to keep it in excellent condition by maintaining its appearance and protecting its resale / trade - in value.Today we will discover how often you should wash your car to avoid increasing amounts of dust. Washing your car is extremely important. It prevents contaminants...Read more

Washing Your Car by Hand

Sometimes washing your car by hand seems to be the most appropriate way to keep your car clean.Moreover, it is a relaxing and satisfying activity because it can save you money and allow you to pay attention to some very dirty areas of your vehicle.Commercial car washes use abrasive materials that may...Read more



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